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Let’s face it. Life can be hard! Even the strongest person around can use a little help to get through the challenges that life throws at us.

I specialize in working with women and teens to deal with anxiety, trauma, and relationships that steal your joy and keep you feeling trapped.


I’m the right therapist for you if any of the following are true:


  • You could use a safe space to finally talk about your true feelings.

  • Your anxiety about life (work, relationships, parenting, looks, self) is stealing your joy.

  • You feel guilty about putting yourself and needs first.

  • You’re struggling with parenting issues or relationships with your kids.

  • You’re a teen struggling with relationships with your parents, friends, or self worth.

  • You have a hard time setting and sticking to boundaries with others or feel resentful and that you get taken advantage of in relationships.

  • You struggle with self-confidence.

  • You procrastinate when stressed out or struggle with perfectionism.

  • You’ve had (or still have) difficult relationships with your parents, in-laws, or other family members.

  • You’ve been through a difficult relationship or divorce that left you questioning your worth.

  • You’ve experienced any trauma and struggle with thoughts of feelings that you can’t get out of your head.

  • You’re ready for things to be different!


If any of these sound familiar, I can help! 

Before We Get Started



Adult solutions for adult problems.  I specialize in helping adults live the lives they desire to live.



My secondary passion is helping teens traverse the difficulties of that time in their life.



Learning how life can be lived and loved through the power of the Worf of God.


Life Coaching

Taking the here and now and pushing it into the next phase of success.

Initial Consultation
Individual Therapy
Extended Therapy

We’re in this together. After spending time looking at what’s working and what’s not, we will set goals for what you want your life to be like. We will pull from several evidence-based therapies to create a holistic, integrated, individualized experience made just for you.


My approach is to focus on finding your happiness through total acceptance, humor, and compassion. I use different techniques to gently help you finally make the changes you desire and to heal from past experiences.

Private Pay: I accept cash, check, and major credit cards. I require a credit card on file to charge in case of missed appointments and late cancellations.

Out of Network Benefits: Your insurance company may offer out of network coverage. This means that your insurance company may reimburse you for a portion of the therapy fee (usually between 20-80%). Check with your insurance provider or see FAQs for more information.

Health Savings Account: This is pre-tax money you may be able to set aside through your employer. This provides a savings on the cost of therapy by using pre-tax contributions.

HOWEVER, there are several reasons not to use insurance (if you can avoid it).

Insurance is designed to ensure a BASIC level of health care and to cure and prevent disease. Insurance companies require a mental health diagnosis and will only provide treatment as long as you meet the criteria for a diagnosis. This means if you come in  and have 5 out of 9 symptoms for depression, you qualify for “medically necessary” treatment. However, after a few weeks, you start to feel a little better and only meet 4 out of 9 symptoms for depression, so you no longer qualify, even though your goals aren’t met.

As a holistic-focused therapist, this often limits the type and scope of goals that we can focus on. Many of my clients want to work to not just stop feeling anxiety, depression, or PTSD symptoms, but to learn to have a rich, fulfilling life beyond symptom management. Insurance can limit treatment by limiting length of session, frequency, and type of therapies covered.

Also, for some, having a mental health diagnosis attached to their medical record is something they want to avoid for personal or professional reasons.

I want to provide you with the most options and highest quality care, and can help you decide how you want to pay for treatment based on your needs and goals.

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