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Maybe you’ve been thinking about therapy for awhile. You’ve googled therapists, reading their profiles, looking for the right one. Maybe you’ve even called a few and haven’t heard back, or you just haven’t clicked with them. They aren’t the right fit.


Or maybe you’ve tried therapy before and haven’t felt safe enough to open up. You need someone who makes you feel completely seen and completely accepted, someone you trust, and someone who is an expert in helping people change with highly individualized treatment.


My name is Teresa Franz and I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Texas. I am a mother of two teens, and believe me, I get the struggle! I’m a Christian and offer Christian Counseling, but work with people of all backgrounds.

I am passionate about helping women in their 20s to 50s to conquer that inner negative voice that screams, “You’re not good enough!” Whether you are struggling with relationships, career stress, past trauma, or, my favorite, mom guilt and other parenting stress, I can help! I’ve helped women work through marriage struggles, in-law stress, miscarriages, and being a frazzled mom of littles and teens. My clients feel supported, seen, and equipped with new strategies to embrace life again!

I tell EVERYONE that therapy is a relationship, and just like in dating, it can take time to find the right one.

I want you to feel completely comfortable and safe with me. I want to make sure you feel confident that we are a good fit. That’s why I offer a FREE 15 minute consultation. We will talk about what is bringing you to therapy and what our work together could look like.


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Teresa Franz

teresa franz

Round Rock Based 

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Offering online counseling services across Texas

I would love to hear from you!

Phone 512-843-1819


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